Just Oil Specializes in Delivering Premium Additized Home Heating Oil at Discount Prices.

We Have over 75 Years of Experience in the Retail Heating Oil Business.

We Are Your New Local Family Run Oil Company Formed in 2010!

Proudly Serving Your Community!

Premium Home Heating Oil at Discount Prices

Serving Eastern Worcester County & the Metrowest

Just Oil Specializes in Providing Premium Additized Home Heating Oil at Discount Prices.

Premium Home Heating Oil at Discount Prices

Welcome to Just Oil

Just Oil, now in its 14th year is a  local family run heating oil company formed in 2010 serving the Eastern Worcester County and Metro-west areas. Although Just Oil Inc. has only been around for 11 short years, there is no shortage of expertise. The partners that form Just Oil have a combined experience of over 75 years in the retail heating oil business. Being a small company with low overhead and low operating costs allows us to offer a much lower per gallon heating oil price than the larger corporate run and full service companies. Because we refer our service work out to “Service Only” companies we further cut operating costs and often have lower heating oil prices than other so called discount companies that advertise as “Full Service”

Our Delivery Area

Ashland, MA

Berlin, MA **Automatic Delivery Only**

Fayville, MA

Framingham, MA

Grafton, MA

Hopkinton, MA

Hudson, MA

Marlborough, MA

North Grafton, MA

Northborough, MA

Shrewsbury, MA

South Grafton, MA **Automatic Delivery Only**

Southborough, MA

Upton, MA  **Automatic Delivery Only**

Westborough, MA

We require that customers in Berlin and Upton be on Automatic Delivery, contact our office to sign up or for more details.

Call Us Today

We want to be your new heating oil provider! Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

Call: (508) JUST-OIL / (508) 587-8645

Our Mailing Address:

Just Oil

PO Box 808

Westborough, MA 01581

Email: JustOil2010@yahoo.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is discount heating oil inferior quality product?

No. In fact, all fuel companies purchase their oil from the same places regardless of how large or small the company is. If you were to visit an oil terminal where fuel companies purchase the oil, you would see a variety of different companies (large and small) waiting in line to load the same oil onto their trucks.

Why purchase COD Heating Oil?

Heating oil prices can flucuate wildly, Buying COD fuel is the same principle as filling up your car at the gas station. Certainly, with all of the choices of gas stations out there, you wouldn’t want to commit yourself to a long term contract with only one. Plus, you are not forced to top off your tank. You simply stop the pump at your convenience or at a dollar amount that suits your budget at the time.

Just Oil Ordering

Our online ordering price is only available online. To receive our discounted price you must complete your order through our website. Ordering online helps our office staff expedite the processing of your order & delivery of your heating oil – we pass this savings on to you as incentive to order online.

All online sales are credit card only. You can also order by phone, please call (508) JUST OIL.

If you have run out of fuel your burner will need to be primed and restarted. Call for rates and scheduling

All first time just oil customers are required to have the oil tank visually checked prior to delivery. This is done by one our trusted partners prior to the delivery, there is a $40.00 charge for this that will be refunded after your 3rd delivery from us. Our office staff will assist you with scheduling this check.

When can I expect delivery?

You can expect your delivery normally within 2-3 business days. We do not deliver weekends or holidays.

What is COD (Cash On Delivery) Fuel?

COD fuel is simply purchasing heating oil on a delivery-to-delivery basis. You as the consumer can choose the fuel oil company of your choice and order at your own convenience and decide how many gallons to order and when you want it.

Do you offer Automatic Delivery Service?

If you want to skip the hassle of watching the gauge or eliminate the chance of forgetting to order oil we offer computerized Automatic Delivery Service.  The time tested “Degree Day” monitoring system is stunningly accurate at forecasting your oil usage in real time. Run-outs are rare but almost never occur. If choosing “Automatic Delivery” we would securely keep a credit card number on file in our computer system, when our system determines that you are due for a delivery the card will be “Pre-Authorized” and a hold will be placed on the estimated dollar amount of your upcoming delivery. Once the delivery has been made the hold is released and your card is “Charged” for the actual dollar amount of that delivery.

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